Mr. Fangyi Liu (Frank Liu)

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Corporate Affiliations: INTCO Medical (Stock Code: 300677) INTCO Recycling (Stock Code: 688087)

Professional Background: With over 30 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the global market With a global reach that began in the United States while rooted in China.

Leadership Roles: Vice President of China Plastic Processing Industry Association. Executive Vice President of The Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai. Standing Director of China Plastic Recycling Association. Standing Director of Shanghai Young Entrepreneur Association. Standing Director of Shanghai Foreign Investment Association. Chairman of the 10th Presidium of China Rubber Industry Association.

Awards and Recognitions:
In 2016, selected for the Ministry of Science and Technology’s “Innovative Talents Recommendation Program”, recognized as an “Advanced Individual in Plastic Processing” under the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, and honored as a “Leading Talent” in Shanghai.
In 2017, included in the “Thousand Talents Plan” list of leading figures in science and technology entrepreneurship.
In 2020, awarded China Enterprise Economic Person of 2020 and Industry Innovative Person of 2020, and was recognized among China’s Top Ten Brand Persons of 2020.

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