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INTCO Donates 2,100 Wheelchairs to Anci Charity Foundation


INTCO Donates 2,100 Wheelchairs to AnCi Charity, Totaling Nearly 8,000 Donations

On October 28th, the donation ceremony for 2,100 INTCO wheelchairs, hosted by the Shanghai AnCi Charity Foundation, was successfully held in Shanghai. As a compassionate participant in this charitable event, INTCO collaborated with the Shanghai AnCi Charity Foundation, under the guidance of the Shanghai Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Anhui Professional Scholars and Entrepreneurs Association. Co-organizers included the Shanghai Patriotic Construction Special Fund for the Business Community, the Shanghai Patriotic Social Welfare Foundation, the Shanghai Disabled Persons’ Welfare Foundation, with support from Shanghai Electric Group and Gujing Gongjiu Vintage Mash. The event was attended by various dignitaries, with Ms. Chen Qiong, General Manager of INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd., delivering a speech in person.

Since 2020, INTCO and AnCi Charity have joined hands in multiple wheelchair donation drives. With a cumulative donation of nearly 8,000 wheelchairs, INTCO’s practical support for the disabled community has exemplified charitable spirit and social responsibility. Through various philanthropic initiatives, we aim to ignite societal support and compassion, encouraging acts of kindness and extending assistance to the disabled. Our contributions have been widely acclaimed for their significant impact on public welfare.

During the ceremony, INTCO donated 2,100 wheelchairs to the Shanghai AnCi Charity Foundation, aimed at aiding individuals with disabilities in their daily lives. Representatives from the recipient organizations expressed heartfelt gratitude for INTCO’s generous donation, while attending leaders commended INTCO’s spirit of compassion and social responsibility.

In recognition of our contributions, AnCi Charity presented INTCO with certificates, plaques, and banners, and bestowed the title of Honorary Chairman upon Chairman Liu Fangyi.

Under the motto “Global INTCO, Health for All,” INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech manufacturer of medical consumables and devices, prioritizes safeguarding public health and advancing public welfare. Upholding the core values of “Love, Kindness, and Truth,” we have dedicated ourselves to philanthropy for decades, with a commitment to promoting care and support for individuals with disabilities. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire disabled individuals to embrace self-esteem, confidence, and independence, thereby unlocking their full potential and contributing to a brighter future.

During her speech at the donation ceremony, Ms. Chen Qiong, General Manager of INTCO, remarked: “Enterprises, society, and individuals are all interconnected within a societal operating system. Success for individuals and enterprises cannot exist outside of this system. Constructing a sustainable business model is the result of harmonious coexistence between enterprises, individuals, and society. This requires continuous driving forces of love and kindness year after year.

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