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INTCO Medical achieved another milestone in the ESG field, proudly secured the second spot on the “A-Share Listed Medical Device Companies ESG TOP20” list


The special ESG task force of the China Association for Medical Devices released its highly anticipated “Industry Association ESG Total Score TOP20” list, along with the top twenty lists for the three ESG sub-dimensions. INTCO Medical, with its outstanding performance in environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects, clinched the second position in the overall score list. Additionally, it ranked first in the environmental category and second in the social and corporate governance categories.

As ESG continues to emerge as a vital driver for sustainable development, INTCO Medical, a global healthcare enterprise, places a high emphasis on ESG principles and practices. In recent years, INTCO Medical has garnered widespread attention and recognition in the ESG field. In 2023, it received an MSCI ESG rating upgrade to BBB and obtained a Wind ESG rating of AA. Moreover, it was honored with several awards, including the 2023 Caixin Summit Social Pioneer Enterprise Award, the 2023 Bloomberg Green Finance ESG50 Award for Annual Attention to Development Potential, and the 12th Public Welfare Festival ESG Practice Model Award.

By ranking second in the “A-Share Listed Medical Device Companies ESG TOP20” environmental dimension, INTCO Medical reaffirms its commitment to green, low-carbon, and sustainable development. According to the company’s 2023 ESG report, it has installed photovoltaic panels that generated 1,202.89 megawatt-hours of electricity in 2022, marking a 14.02% increase from the previous year. Additionally, it has developed biodegradable nitrile gloves that positively impact the environment and utilizes Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified packaging materials for its therapy and nursing product lines, with 180,000 units packaged using FSC-certified materials in 2022.

In terms of social responsibility, INTCO Medical upholds its corporate values of “Love, Kindness, and Truth.” It actively fulfills its social responsibilities through philanthropic donations, educational infrastructure construction, assistance to vulnerable groups, and health protection and education. To date, INTCO Medical has donated over 73 million yuan to society.

In corporate governance, INTCO Medical’s global partners are committed to the corporate purpose of “Using Human Wisdom to Serve Human Health Needs.” Since its establishment, INTCO Medical has continuously improved corporate governance, responsible operations, and talent development to ensure efficient internal operations and enhance corporate governance diversification and efficiency. Furthermore, it actively explores digital transformation initiatives to unleash innovation and vitality for corporate development.

The evaluation conducted by the ESG special task force of the China Association for Medical Devices not only provides a platform for companies in the industry to showcase and compare their ESG practices but also offers important reference information for investors and consumers. With the increasing global emphasis on sustainable development, ESG has become a crucial indicator for measuring long-term value and social impact for companies. INTCO Medical’s outstanding performance will undoubtedly enhance its competitiveness in the capital market and attract more investors who are interested in sustainable development.

Overall, INTCO Medical’s achievements in the ESG field not only demonstrate its commitment to sustainable corporate development but also set a positive example for the entire medical device industry. In the future, INTCO Medical will continue to uphold the ESG development philosophy, promote its high-quality development, exert its exemplary power, and work with like-minded partners to enhance the global influence of the Chinese medical device industry.

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