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INTCO Medical Makes Debut at 2024 Medical Japan Osaka


INTCO Medical made its inaugural appearance at the 2024 Medical Japan Osaka, showcasing its premier products in the medical consumables sector, including disposable gloves, masks, and isolation gowns. This marked a significant milestone for INTCO Medical, highlighting its leading position and innovative capabilities within the healthcare industry.

At the exhibition, INTCO Medical presented a range of high-quality disposable gloves, providing exceptional protection for professionals across various sectors, including healthcare. Utilizing advanced materials and manufacturing processes, INTCO Medical ensures optimal hand protection during operations, offering users a safe and comfortable working environment.

Industry professionals at the event lauded INTCO Medical’s innovation and high standards in the field of medical consumables, recognizing the positive impact it will have on the global healthcare industry. As a leading enterprise in the medical and health sector, INTCO Medical remains committed to developing and producing high-quality, high-performance medical consumable products, safeguarding healthcare workers worldwide.

The 2024 Medical Japan Osaka exhibition has opened doors to international markets for INTCO Medical while providing a platform for meaningful engagement between the company and professional audiences. INTCO Medical will continue its efforts, rooted in innovation and quality, to drive advancements in the field of medical consumables and make greater contributions to global healthcare initiatives.


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