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Visit INTCO Medical: Learn About the Disposable Gloves Production Base


As a world-leading disposable gloves manufacturer, INTCO Medical has multiple manufacturing bases in China and around the world. The company has built a world-class intelligent disposable gloves production base by cooperating with internationally renowned automation and digitalization companies.


Shandong INTCO Medical Disposable Gloves Manufacturing Base


Shandong INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd. is located in Weifang, Shandong Province. It is one of INTCO Medical’s high-end intelligent production bases for medical gloves and protective gloves, producing more than tens of billions of gloves per year. The base adopts advanced automated production lines and digital management systems to achieve intelligent management of the entire process from raw material procurement to production, quality inspection and product packaging. The highly automated production line not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures the stable quality of each glove.


Shandong INTCO Medical Disposable Gloves Manufacturing Base


Anhui INTCO Medical Disposable Gloves Manufacturing Base


In Huaibei, Anhui, another high-end intelligent production base of disposable gloves, Anhui INTCO Medical Manufacturing Base, also demonstrated strong strength. Relying on advanced intelligent technology and excellent talent team, the base has achieved efficient automated operation of the production process. Advanced production technology and strict quality inspection standards ensure that every batch of disposable gloves produced here can meet the high requirements of the global market. In addition, the manufacturing base pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. During the production process, a series of environmental protection measures are adopted to reduce the impact on the environment and achieve a win-win situation of economic and social benefits.


Anhui INTCO Medical Disposable Gloves Manufacturing Base


Jiangxi INTCO Medical Disposable Gloves Manufacturing Base


INTCO Medical in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, is another intelligent production base for high-end disposable gloves. The production base covers an area of 132 acres, equivalent to 75 football fields, and has advanced production facilities and complete supporting facilities. The intelligent production line can flexibly adjust the production plan according to market demand and respond quickly to customer orders. At the same time, the base also focuses on technological innovation and talent training, and continuously introduces and develops new technologies and processes to improve the competitiveness of products.


Anhui Guoyi Mould Technology Co., Ltd.


Anhui Guoyi Mould Technology Co. is the hand former production base of INTCO Medical. As the key mould of disposable gloves, the precision and quality of hand formers are crucial to the molding and quality of gloves. The base has advanced production equipment and technology, and the hand formers have high quality and have been highly recognized by customers around the world.


Anhui Guoyi Mould Technology Co. is the hand former production base of INTCO Medical.


In addition to the above-mentioned production bases, INTCO Medical also has a complete raw material production bases, which can keep the stable supply and quality control of raw materials. At the same time, the marketing centers established around the world enable INTCO Medical to understand market demand in time, respond quickly to customer needs, and provide customers with high-quality services and products.


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