INTCO medical nitrile gloves

R&D Innovation

Continuously Enhancing R&D Innovation to Meet Your Diverse Needs at Multiple Levels.

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R&D Investment

INTCO Medical continues to strengthen its investment in R&D through iterative product and technology innovation, and deep dives into potential R&D projects to meet changing customer needs.
252.3 million RMB Investment in product R&D and innovation/1000+R&D staff
By enriching the R&D team, building several new technology R&D centers, purchasing high-end R&D instruments and equipments, and improving the independent innovation ability, we are seeking for a major breakthrough in the technology level.
  • 252.3 Million RMB

    Product R&D innovation investment

  • 1000 +

    R & D personnel

INTCO medical nitrile gloves

Material R&D

INTCO medical nitrile gloves
INTCO Medical leverages its in-house R&D capabilities to develop innovative materials in collaboration with research partners.
Currently, the company is working with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, one of the top rubber material research organizations in China, to develop innovative materials and new formulations for disposable gloves.
Through improved formulations and the introduction of new materials, INTCO Medical further reduces the energy consumption required for production, increases production efficiency and capacity, and develops new products to meet market demand.

SafeDon™ Glove Dispensing System

SafeDon™ Glove Dispensing System
SafeDon™ Glove Dispensing System

Safedon™ is a patented Hygienic Dispensing System, for disposable gloves meeting various standards.

Through reinvented equipment,INTCO SafeDon allows dispensing the gloves individually CUFF FIRST from the bottom of the box. lt offers advantages over traditional glove packaging, such as cross-contamination reduction, convenient and efficient usage, and cost-effective logistics.



● Medical Purpose Examination

● Dental

● Healthcare / Nursing

● Animal Health

● Food Processing

● General Housekeeping


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SafeDon™ Glove Dispensing System
  • 减少物流成本SafeDon™ Glove Dispensing System   INTCO medical nitrile gloves

    Cost-saving Logistics

    25% Reduce transport & storage costs

    Less space for more gloves.

    Interleaved compact packaging optimizes all available space inside the dispenser, reducing transport and storage costs, thus overall logistic costs.

  • 精简效率

    Streamlined Efficiency

    50% Reduce
    Donning Time

    Individual glove presentation accelerates the donning process and patient care preparation, eliminating the inconvenience of dealing with multiple-dispensing hassle.

    Cuff First and wall-mounted holder establish a user-friendly system, allowing ease of glove removal and donning.