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Production Planning Management

  • Keep production on track

    INTCO Medical owns numerous production bases, all located in regions with a large pool of skilled workers and convenient transportation facilities. This ensures sufficient production capacity while meeting the requirements for expansion, thereby maintaining normal production operations.
  • Production Area Layout

    In addition to China, INTCO Medical is increasing its industrial footprint in countries such as Vietnam and Southeast Asia, aiming to mitigate trade risks, benefit from various cost advantages, and better meet the business needs of global customers.
  • Enhancement of Production Efficiency

    INTCO Medical has industry-leading equipment for the production of disposable gloves, featuring intelligent control systems that further enhance production efficiency. At the same time, with a qualified glove production yield exceeding 99%, we are a global leader capable of consistently and stably producing medical-grade gloves in high proportions.
  • Dynamically adjust product formulas according to customer needs

  • Automated composition control system enables fine control of droplet weight and glove thickness

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  • Finely control the product process based on the temperature and humidity of the production site and the operating status of the production line.

  • Precisely manage the drying and vulcanization process of raw materials to reduce energy consumption

Quality Control Management

INTCO Medical strengthens product quality and safety control, establishing corresponding procedural documents for the inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products to control product quality from the source. We optimize quality testing equipment, enhance quality testing efficiency, and ensure a 100% pass rate for products leaving the factory.
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Raw Material Quality Control

We strictly adhere to national and local standards. For the raw materials used in product production, such as nitrile latex and PVC powder, we have developed internal procedural documents such as the ‘Nitrile Raw Material Inspection Standard’, ‘PVC Powder Inspection Operation Guide’, and ‘Raw Material Inspection Operation Guide’. These documents standardize the inspection methods, processes, and specific operations for each raw material.

Quality Inspection

We have physical performance laboratories and pinhole inspection laboratories to conduct relevant standard physical and pinhole tests on products to ensure compliance with standards in China, the United States, Europe, and other countries.
INTCO Medical has added the visual inspection function of industrial cameras. Based on deep learning algorithms, the system can effectively identify defects such as damage and oil stains in products and reject them, thereby improving the product shipment pass rate. Real-time statistical analysis of data allows for effective early warning of abnormalities in the front end of the production line.

Quality Management System

INTCO Medical has implemented QMS (Quality Management System) and conducted trial operations at the Anhui factory. The system primarily includes the import and maintenance of incoming and in-process inspection data, as well as the review of non-conforming products. Employees can use mobile terminals to access and approve inspection data online, reducing the time spent on paper records, minimizing resource waste, and improving work efficiency. Through statistical analysis of system data, the effectiveness of data is ensured, extending the retention period and achieving more effective quality management.

Quality Audit Supervision

We actively cooperate with external third-party organizations for audit supervision and have obtained product certifications for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Our products meet international standards such as ASTM, CE, ISO, and Japanese Food Sanitation Safety.
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We provide excellent products and quality services to global customers and actively pursue quality-related system certifications. Multiple production bases of the company have obtained quality management certifications such as ISO9001, ISO13485. The status of related system certifications is as follows:

Certification Subsidiaries
ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification System INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Shandong INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Anhui INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi INTCO Medical Co., Ltd.
ISO 13485 Medical Device Quality Management
INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Shandong INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Anhui INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
INTCO Medical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
BRC (global consumer goods, medical devices) Certification INTCO Medical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Shandong INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Anhui INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi INTCO Medical Co., Ltd.
MDSAP Certification Shandong INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Anhui INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System Assessment and Certification INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
GB/T 19580-2012 Excellent Performance Management System Certification INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Logistics Packaging Management


Logistics and Warehousing

INTCO Medical is equipped with modern intelligent warehousing, utilizing unmanned forklifts to enhance storage efficiency.We also have a professional international logistics team that maintains close collaboration with major shipping companies and logistics service providers globally, ensuring the provision of efficient logistics and transportation solutions for our customers.
Currently, INTCO Medical is systematically advancing the establishment of production and logistics centers overseas.The construction of overseas warehouses aims to strengthen INTCO Medical ability to fulfill overseas orders and provide better services to customers.

Logistics Packaging Safety

During transportation, we focus on the safety of packaging to reduce the risk of damage to goods and ensure the quality and efficiency of logistics services.

Material selection: Choose packaging materials with high strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance to protect the contents from damage.


Reasonable design: scientifically design the package according to the size, shape and quality of the items to ensure that the package fits closely with the items to avoid damage caused by shaking during transportation.


Inspection and testing: Before the official mass transportation, the packaging is tested under simulated transportation conditions, such as drop test, pressure test and other simulated transportation conditions, to ensure that the packaging can withstand the various situations that may be encountered in the transportation process.


Compliance: Follow the relevant packaging and transportation standards, such as the rules set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other organizations.


Carrier selection: Choose logistics carriers with good reputation and service quality assurance to ensure they can provide appropriate handling and storage conditions during transportation.


User Feedback: Collect and analyze feedback from end users on packaging conditions to continuously improve packaging design and material selection.