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Raw Material Supply

INTCO Medical relies on a well-established production infrastructure, deeply integrates the industrial supply chain, and has established an efficient supply chain that encompasses raw materials, energy, production, warehousing, and logistics. This supply chain is connected to a global sales and marketing network.
INTCO Medical holds shares in two nitrile latex production enterprises, effectively ensuring the supply of nitrile latex raw materials and improving product quality. This provides a foundation for the future research and development of disposable nitrile gloves.
At the same time, investments have been made in the construction of hand mold factories and printing factories, achieving supply chain integration and ensuring the stable supply of upstream raw materials.
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    Shandong Haode Plastic Co., Ltd. [Shandong·Zibo]

    ------Hand mold production base

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    Anhui Kaize New Materials Co., Ltd. [Anhui·Huaibei]

    ------Latex production base with an annual output of 500,000 tons


At the same time, we invested in the construction of a hand mold factory and a printing factory to achieve supply chain integration and ensure a stable supply of upstream raw materials.

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    Anhui Guoyi Mold Technology Co., Ltd. [Anhui·Huaibei]

    ------Hand mold production base

  • yingcai

    Yingcai Printing Technology Co., Ltd

    ------Box printing and packaging production base [Under Construction]

Energy Supply


Anqing Yingyi Combined Heat and Power Project [Anhui·Anqing]

------Combined heat and power base

INTCO Medical has obtained energy consumption indicators for all operational production bases. The primary energy source used is clean coal, which has cost advantages compared to other energy sources.
Through exclusive investment in a Cogeneration Project, we have further enhanced control over energy costs.
By supervising factory energy consumption, implementing energy-saving transformation for production equipment, and conducting regular inspections of energy-use equipment, we have reduced energy consumption. We collect and analyze energy consumption data indicators for each workshop and develop improvement policies for workshops with higher consumption.
Simultaneously, we have carried out technical upgrades for waste heat recovery and reuse, cooling water recycling, and the air compressor system in the production and operation process. Through continuous improvement and optimization of production equipment, we have achieved a sustained reduction in unit energy consumption.

Production and Logistics

INTCO Medical’s production base is located in an area with many skilled workers and convenient transportation facilities, capable of meeting expansion needs and achieving cost-effectiveness.
The location has convenient access to railways, highways, waterways, and air transportation, with significant regional advantages and favorable transportation conditions.
As most of the company’s base constructions are key projects attracted by government investment promotion, it enjoys favorable policy incentives.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Establishing a sustainable supply guarantee is one of the important foundations for the stable development of INTCO Medical. We continuously strengthen the management system for suppliers, imposing requirements on elements such as product quality and social responsibility to ensure the sustainable development of the supply chain.
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    Supplier selection and approval

  • Supplier Performance Evaluation
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    Supplier Performance Evaluation

  • Supplier Rating And Grading
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    Supplier Rating And Grading

  • Supplier Retention And Elimination
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    Supplier Retention And Elimination

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    In terms of raw materials

    In terms of raw materials

    INTCO Medical conducts sourcing for suppliers based on the requirements of different raw materials. For initially qualified suppliers, a ‘Supplier Survey Form’ is issued to further analyze and inspect their qualifications, capabilities, quality and technical level, and other aspects. We sign an ‘Anti-Bribery Commitment’ with suppliers who pass the evaluation and include them in the ‘Qualified Supplier List.
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    In terms of quality

    In terms of quality

    we sign a ‘Supplier Quality Assurance Agreement’ with key raw material suppliers, requiring them to undergo ISO9001 or GB/T 19001 certification for relevant quality management systems. The products they provide must meet the relevant quality standards or technical requirements, and they are required to provide valid quality certifications and inspection requirements.
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    In terms of social responsibility performance

    In terms of social responsibility performance

    we sign ‘Social Responsibility Commitment Agreements’ with some suppliers, requiring strict compliance with local labor laws and social responsibility standards. The use of child labor, forced labor, or any other violations of labor regulations by suppliers and subcontractors is strictly prohibited. At the same time, we pay attention to the performance of suppliers in environmental, health, and safety aspects. Factors such as whether suppliers comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, possess ISO 14000 and other related environmental management system certifications, and are located within the same province as the company are considered in the supply chain audit process. We prioritize choosing environmentally friendly and local suppliers to ensure sustainable development.