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INTCO Medical Visits Fire Rescue Brigade for Lunar New Year Celebration


In order to safeguard the safety of enterprises and the lives and property of the people, firefighters tirelessly and consistently fight on the front lines of emergency rescue, making indelible contributions to economic and social development. As the New Year approaches, INTCO Medical Products Co., Ltd. came to the Fire Rescue Brigade in Zhenjiang New District to visit and extend greetings to the firefighters who are steadfastly holding the front line.

As a part of Zhenjiang New District, INTCO Medical has been committed to the development of the enterprise while also adhering to the principle of “prevention first, combining prevention and control”, actively cooperating with unit fire management. Seizing this opportunity, INTCO partners also learned about the construction of fire trucks and the use of common firefighting and rescue tools from firefighters. Getting closer to the work and life of firefighters, partners have a deeper understanding of their spirit of bravery and selflessness.

Fire safety not only relies on the protection of firefighters and related personnel but also requires the people to enhance their own safety awareness. By avoiding fire hazards, we can better safeguard the lives and property of ourselves and those around us.

The upcoming Lunar New Year holiday is a high-risk period for safety hazards. In order for the people to have a happy and safe New Year’s celebration, firefighters will continue to hold their posts 24 hours a day to ensure fire safety! At the same time, INTCO Medical also calls on the general public to always remember fire safety and spend a peaceful and happy new year together!

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